Jacob Irwin Monash

Professional Writer

Academic Writing

Below you can find the best examples of academic writing that I completed for classes during my undergraduate studies at Missouri State University. The linked projects display the end results of research I completed dealing with child language development, the objectification of women in Allan Moore's The Watchmen, and net neutrality, as well as some works I have written that showcase my medical writing and food writing abilities.


Below are some examples of research papers that I have written.

Misogyny in Heroes: A Look into the Objectification of Women in The Watchmen
Misogyny in Heroes, a research paper of mine
Language Acquisition for a Toddler
Language Acquisition for a Toddler, a research paper of mine

I have also researched the concept of net neutrality. I looked at this issue from multiple sides of the argument and wrote it with the audience of my peers in mind.

View my research website.

Medical Writing

Below is an example of a brochure I made to explain chronic fatigue syndrome to a teenage audience.

CFS in Teens
Chronic fatigue syndrome in teens.

Food Writing

Below are two samples of food writing that I have writen, one being a review of a restaurant and the other being a short memoir centered around food and its place in the memory.

Chicago Cheesesteak Company Review
Review of Chicago Cheesesteak Company
Philmont Dining
Philmont dining memoir.